In our Stylus-Shop you will find the widest range of stylus pens of all kinds, sizes and colors. We offer like no other styluses at an affordable price. Simply choose the stylus pen that suits you, and experience the convenience of working with a stylus on the iPad, iPhone, tablet or smartphone.

We have a large and cheap range touchscreen pens (currently 25 models styluses) divided into eight different categories, which are shown below. In addition, we have made ​​a number of combinations which can be ordered with much advantage in the category more for less and combo deals.

Our range styluses by model

koop online stylus pennen met clip voor ipad en tablet

stylus pens with a clip

koop online stylus pennen en touchscreen pennen met koord

stylus pens with cord & plug

stylus pen 2 in 1 koop online touchscreen pennen met koord voor ipad

stylus pens 2 in 1  balpen

touchscreen pen met dop, stylus pen voor ipad en smartphone

stylus pens with cap 


stylus pens with a bright led light

luxe stylus pen en touchscreen pen ipad, relatiegeschenk pen

luxery stylus pens, great as a original gift

stylus pen met led en laser, touchscreen ipad pen

stylus pens with a led and a laser light

mini stylus pennen en iphone pennetjes voor telefoon

small stylus pens suitable for smartphones


Need a stylus pen? Order it at the Stylus-Shop

In addition to very competitive prices and large range of stylus pencils (we currently have 25 models of the stylus pen in stock, all in several fashionable colors) we always give something extra: With every order you will receive a free diamond anti-dust plug or a fruit anti-dust plug (u can choose it within the order) and an action code which gives a 15% discount on every next order!

Much benefit in our shop!

In our shop we offer a wide range of stylus pens on special offer. By buying a combination of stylus pens we can send them as one order, what will redude the prices. Experience shows that one model often ordered several times. Here too we meet the online buyer through the offers more for less . Multiple styluses of one model now for sale with great discounts.

Briefly and simply, the stylus pen is suitable for any device with a capacitive (touch sensitive) display. This includes all tablets, iPads and smartphones in the past years and the latest models like the iPad Air, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Samsung 5, Samsung 6, Sony Xperia, LG, Huawei, etc. Read more ....

  • -29%

    3 x Stylus pen with cap
    3 x Stylus pen with cap

    This luxurious touch pen stylus as a set of 3 pieces for sale now for only € 15, - The cheapest on the net! This sturdy aluminum stylsu pins you can now order online quickly and easily in the desired color (this can also be set…

    € 21,00 € 15,00
  • Stylus iPad and iPhone
    Stylus iPad and iPhone

    This handy little Touchscreen Stylus is perfect for use as a stylus on your iPhone.The good thing about this is that the stylus next to the touch screen feature also has a pen function. Due to its compact dimensions of only 8.5 cm…

    € 6,50
  • Mini Stylus Bat
    Mini Stylus Bat

    This mini bat stylus is a small pin, in the form of a "baseball bat". They are small enough to be ultra-lightweight and yet large enough for a proper grip. Due to its design it is well in hand, and you can operate accurately with…

    € 4,95
  • -29%

    3 x smart stylus pen
    3 x smart stylus pen

    Buy now 3 x smart stylus pen with great advantage when ordering these three styluses save you as much as € 6, -. You can specify during the ordering process in whatever color you want the stylus pens. Nowhere cheaper. So order…

    € 21,00 € 15,00
  • Micro stylus pen
    Micro stylus pen

    The micro stylus pen stylus pen is the smallest in our range. Extremely efficient in use during a game gaming on your smartphone. The mini stylus pen, you can easily plug into the earphone jack. This keeps the dust lanes, and you…

    € 7,00
  • Stylus Ballpoint with cap
    Stylus Ballpoint with cap

    This ballpoint pen stylus (with a cap to protect the pen) has a length of 12 cm, 0.7 cm thick and has a solid tip of only 5 mm. The pen is solid in aluminum and smooth coated with beautiful varnish. It is perfectly suitable for…

    € 7,00
  • New in our shop

    Wacom Bamboo Pocket Stylus
    Wacom Bamboo Pocket Stylus

    Wacom Bamboo Stylus Pocket is the smallest stylus pen in the Bamboo Stylus family, but that no less impressive than the other styluses Wacom. The pen is retractable (from 9 cm to 12 cm) and therefore easy portability. When used,…

  • -23%

    2 x 2 in 1 stylus pen
    2 x 2 in 1 stylus pen

    Now two styluses 2 in 1 with advantage for sale in our shop. You ordered these two pins for your tablet or smartphone, you can save 3 euros, and you only pay € 10, - including shipping. Also in this set you receive a free…

    € 13,00 € 10,00


In our stylus shop you pay no shipping costs and you will receive with every order a free anti dust plug and an action code which entitles you to 15% discount on every next order! Read more ...

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